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!!!!!     WARNING ALERT: No diving INTH Pool     !!!!!

!!!!!     WARNING ALERT: No diving INTH Pool     !!!!!

Dog inth Pool

"It's just a dog, in a pool.. That's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard?" ~mom

So you're telling me the dog... is in the pool?


You ready to take a $DIP?           

Submerge yourself inth pool, take the $DIP


Welcome inth pool, where life is lush!

Dogs go ruff ruff, pool goes splash splash.

When is a dog happier than when they're in the pool?


All the dogs that have taken the $DIP aren't looking at getting out the pool any time soon.


"BUY the dip with a whole new meaning..."

What the fuck is this all about?

The canine is swimming in the pool.

A dog finds itself inside the pool.

In the pool, there is a dog.

The pooch is lounging in the pool.

A hound is present in the pool.

Within the pool, a dog is situated.

The dog occupies the space in the pool.

A dog is currently in the midst of the pool.

The pool contains a dog.

The swimming pool is where the dog is.


A total of 1 Billion $DIP tokens will be supplied inth pool.


There will be 90% of the supply circulating.

Circulating inth pool. The other 10% are reserved for the team and marketing purposes.


Why are we burning the Liquidity?

We want this party to last forever.

Don't you?